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Hey guys if you are stuggling with where to do your research on the French Revolution and the impact that napoleon had check out these sites:





Hey guys.  Well done on an excellent start to 2012, we are still in the top third of the year when it comes to lack of misdemeanors and lots commendations.  We have a tutor period coming up on monday P1, please make sure that you have filled in the PLTS pages and comment cards in your planners so that this can run smoothly.  Thank you! Miss B

12/11/2011 – Hey team KB dont forget that on Wednesday we are battling with 8SN in the dodgeball, PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR KIT else you can’t play!!! Good Luck!

6/11/2011: Don’t forget that tomorrow is non school uniform! you need 50p to donate and you should wear jeans to support jeans for genes day, and something pink to help raise money for breast cancer research.  To find out more about either charity click on the links:

Breast cancer: http://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/?gclid=CLGlidL206sCFYUOfAodGnF-OQ

Jeans for Genes: http://www.jeansforgenesday.com/

Also we didnt win at the dodgeball but never mind guys you did a fantastic job! Next time make sure you remember your kits :)

30/9/2011: Hey guys, don’t forget that Tuesday Period 1 we have a tutor period, you wont be in normal lessons that lesson.  To help out please could you bring in any old newspapers or magazines that you have around the place.  Thanks!

29/9/11: Awesome news today guys when it was announced that Emily C had been awarded a prize for being the top 10 for the year for people who raised money for the British Heart Foundation.  Well done to all of you who raised money, it will really help those people effected by heart problems.  To find out more about what the British Heart Foundation do go here:


In more great news I would like to say a massive thanks to Toby M and Phoebe S who are peer mentors and have been working really hard to ensure the year sevens feel at home.  Well done guys!

Great news 8KB, the dodgeball should be going ahead, I look forward to coming along and watching you guys play.  Remember, if we are the winning tutor group we get to play against the tutors, hold on a min, that means I would be against you guys . . . eek! 

A special page dedicated to my little loves in 7KB, soon to be 8KB! On this page you will find information about current school events, any notices, and the different things you have achieved as a group.

Welcome back to saltash.net for a new school year, lets make it a great one! Today you were given your planner, homework timetable and you set list.  Please make sure you ask your subject teachers your set lists so that you can inform your parents/guardians.

11 Responses to “Team KB”

  1. Emily Carbis said:

    Hey Miss it is Emily C here love the website.

  2. Toby said:

    Grats on the award miss!

  3. Emily Carbis said:

    Team KB rule

  4. levi said:

    whots your email

  5. kmb213 said:

    [email protected] :)

  6. Toby said:

    Whys levi in the KB bit???Doesnt he need a password?

  7. kmb213 said:

    Hi Toby, I removed all pfwords because we dont have anything confidential on here . . .

  8. kmb213 said:

    Hey guys, dont forget that we have our assembly this weeeeeeek! EEEEK!

  9. aimee xxxx said:

    hey when dose are home work have to be in btw kb rules!!!! xxx

  10. kmb213 said:

    23rd of may and yes we do

  11. Emily said:

    Miss Dunkey has a website just like this called “English with Miss Dunkey”

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